Acupuncture & Chiropractic Available Here

Call to schedule an appointment. Click to read more…We have a Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulative and Acupuncture Therapist associated with our clinic.

Annual Alternative Wellness Exams are a must for every pet. Whether your pet be a supreme athlete or in their golden years, this exam has something to offer to each and every one. In pets with multiple problems, a combination of acupuncture and spinal manipulation is often chosen. With sports related injuries, spinal manipulation may be chosen. Sometimes your pet decides. For example some pets really enjoy the relaxation they get with acupuncture where as others enjoy the after affects of the manipulation later.

How does it work?  Gentle hand techniques are used to mobilize, and adjust your pet’s joints and muscles. This in turn affects the nerves. Nerves travel from the brain to the tips of our pets nose, toes and tail. The spine is the highway on which all nerves travel. Nerves inform the muscles what to do. When an area of decreased motion or restriction is present, a joint can be gently brought into tension and with a low amplitude and high velocity thrust. This restores the motion in the joint as well as improves the nervous input to the entire spine resulting in wide spread effects and a happy healthier pet.