Veterinary Surgery

The state-of-the-art surgical suite at Mebane Pet Clinic provides an ideal environment for both routine and complex surgical procedures. Trained to handle everything from simple spay and neuter to mass and tumor removal, our expert veterinarians and veterinary staff work tirelessly to help ensure a positive veterinary surgery experience for you and your beloved pet.

Veterinary surgical services offered at Mebane Pet Clinic include:


  • Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.55.41 PMSpay and neuter
  • Mass and tumor removal
  • Tooth extraction / oral surgery
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Eye surgery
  • Wound and laceration care
  • Orthopedic surgery


Your pet’s comfort and pain management during these surgical procedures are of great concern to us. That’s why, to avoid any unnecessary distress or discomfort, we choose to administer anesthesia during most veterinary surgeries and surgical procedures. Before administering anesthesia, we undertake a complete physical exam and preanesthetic blood testing to ensure that fever, kidney/liver damage, or other serious organ system problems will not cause any surgical or anesthetic complications. For more information on our hospital policies regarding anesthesia, check out our Surgical FAQs page.

It is natural to feel uneasy when your pet undergoes veterinary surgery. However, the thorough pre- and post-operative procedures at Mebane Pet Clinic ensure that your pet will receive our dedicated care until he or she is ready to return home.

When you bring in your pet for veterinary surgery at Mebane Pet Clinic, please allot 5-10 minutes to fill out all of the necessary paperwork and participate in a brief pre-op consultation with our veterinarians or other members of the veterinary staff.

Following more advanced pet surgeries, our veterinary staff will constantly monitor your pet’s vitals and maintain an IV drip until his or her condition has normalized. After the surgical procedure has been completed, our staff will always keep you apprised of your pet’s progress and share when you should be able to bring your pet home.

Our on-site, full-service pet pharmacy will meet all of your pet’s post-operative medication and prescription needs. We offer simple veterinary prescription refills in-person, by phone, and online through Pet Portal, an online service providing secure access to all of your pet’s health and prescription information.

Many pet owners choose to have veterinary staff perform other minor procedures while their pet is under anesthesia, such as dentistry, ear cleaning, or identification microchip implantation. If performing these extra services interests you, simply inform a member of our veterinary staff ahead of time.

For a complete list of other common questions about veterinary surgery at Mebane Pet Clinic, visit our Surgical FAQs page.