Pet Fire Safety Day: 4 Ways to Prevent a Tragedy

Even families who take all the recommended precautions cannot fully protect their homes from a tragic event such as a fire. Losing possessions is unfortunate, but the thought of something happening to a furry family member can be even more devastating. The Red Cross reports that over a half million pets are affected each year by house fires. July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day, and Mebane Pet Clinic is working to raise awareness of this worthy initiative. By reading these simple tips, you can give your pets the best chance of making it out safely should your family ever be affected by a fire.

Create a Plan of Action

Cute  Dalmatia PuppyMost families install smoke detectors, but often forget to create an emergency evacuation plan. Pet Fire Safety Day is a prime opportunity to talk with your spouse, kids, or housemates about how to react in the event of a fire. If multiple people live in your home, talk about who will be responsible for each pet. Take note of your assigned pet’s favorite hiding places – this may be where they retreat to during a fire. Then, hold a fire drill in your home! The practice round will help you identify potential issues or roadblocks that can be avoided in the event of a real fire.

Be Mindful of Your Pet’s Habits

Approximately 1,000 house fires each year are started by pets. Does your pet have a bad habit of chewing on electrical cords? A big tail that has *almost* knocked over too many lit candles? Perhaps your cat jumps onto countertops, getting a little too close to the stove knobs. No one knows your pet’s habits like you, so consider what precautions can be taken to prevent fires. Securing cords, using flameless candles, and buying stove knob covers are simple ways to protect your pets when you are home and away.

Upgrade Your Alarms

If your pets spend a considerable amount of time holding down the fort alone, you may want to consider upgrading your smoke detectors. There are detectors available that connect to a monitoring system (similar to burglar alarms) and notify emergency responders as soon as smoke is detected. Battery-operated detectors work great when everyone is home, but these high-tech monitoring systems provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind when you are away.

Help the Firemen Help Your Pets

If emergency responders ever have to visit your home, they will rescue people first, then pets. In many cases though, humans escape without time to round up their four-legged family, and sometimes a house fire occurs when everyone is at school or work. In these events, you can do a couple things to help the fire crew focus on getting your pets out safely. Put a Pet Alert sticker on your front door/window noting how many pets are in the home. Keep collars on them at all times, and hang leashes by the front entrance to make a rescue as easy as possible.

Learn More About Safeguarding Your Pet

Mebane Pet Clinic loves educating the community about ways to protect our fur-ever friends. Find us on Facebook for more safety tips, and be sure to share this blog post to remind other pet owners about fire safety.