Purr-90X – Exercise Tips For Your Indoor Cat

While they may have originated as cunning hunters, indoor cats are often more interested in long naps than rigorous exercise – leaving our feline friends carrying around a little extra weight. But just because they aren’t chasing field mice and climbing trees doesn’t mean that Fluffy has to get too fluffy. Here are some tips to help your indoor cat get the necessary exercise.

Make A Game Out Of Mealtime – Using Food To Keep Your Kitty Fit

If there’s something cats love as much as napping, it’s eating. And while it’s important to make sure your cat is getting the right amount of high-quality, protein-rich food, sometimes that isn’t enough when it comes to shedding pounds. However, there are ways to turn dinner time into a workout and eating into an activity. When your cat is eating, try moving their food from the counter to the floor and back again. Make a game of it, and reward with snuggling for successful jumps. There are even special play balls that you can fill with food that require the cat to play with it to give up the grub, if you would like a more automatic meal gameplan.

Playtime with a Purpose

The biggest thing you can do to keep your cat healthy is to ensure the get plenty of playtime. Every cat loves to jump, chase, and climb – sometimes they just need a little help getting started from you. There are countless ways to encourage your four-legged friend to get active, even if they spend their time indoors. Here are a few ways to help you get the games going.

  • What Goes Up Must Come Down – While jumping on top of things might not be how you spend your time at home, vertical space can give your cat a serious workout. Make sure your kitty has plenty of places to jump up and down, such as a window sill, empty shelves, or a cat tree.
  • Laser Pointers Aren’t Just For Powerpoint Presentations – We’re not sure where cats first encountered lasers in the wild, but it seems ingrained in their DNA to chase the little red dot of a laser pointer. This inexpensive little tool can provide seemingly unlimited exercise, and plenty of entertainment for you too.
  • Anything Is A Toy If You Play With It – As much as cats love toys from the pet store, they seem to have no problem finding things around the house to turn into a toy. From paper to boxes to paper bags, find out what your cat likes to play with and try putting it in a place where they can safely jump for some extra work.

Need Some Help Getting Your Indoor Cat On An Exercise Routine?

Sometimes you may need some extra help to manage your cat’s health. Pet nutrition counseling at Mebane Pet Clinic offers expert help from our experienced and knowledgeable veterinarian staff to help you get your cat into a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about how Mebane Pet can assist with your pet’s diet and exercise, call (919) 304-5200 today to schedule an appointment.