7 Tips for Jogging with Your Dog

When it comes to staying healthy, there’s nothing simpler than going for a jog. It fights obesity, combats aging, and can even help to prevent certain types of cancer.
But how can you expect to enjoy a nice run without bringing along some K-9 companionship? Not only do they provide good company, dogs can help keep you motivated, and even provide a sense of security when running in remote areas. Regular exercise is just as important for our dog as it is for us, even if Fido isn’t quite as worried about his beach body. However, there are certain things to take into consideration when bringing your pet along on your next run.

1. Visit your vet first

Physical exercise can be as stressful on your dog’s body as it is on yours, so it’s important to make sure they are up to task. While your four-legged friend may seem fine running around your yard, going for a long, sustained run can be more taxing. You’ll also want to make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date, as you never know what you’ll run into during a jog.

2. Make sure your dog is built to run

Different dogs are built for different things, so be sure to learn what kind of running is best for your breed. Some are best suited for a long, slow run, while others are tailored for quick sprints. Talk to your vet about the right kind of run for your pet, before biting off more than Rover can chew.

3. You know your dog

At the end of the day, no one knows your pets like you do. There are lots of things you can run into, from other joggers, to other dogs, to wild animals. Be sure to consider how your dog will handle this potentially over-stimulating new activity. Regardless of how well you know your pet, always keep them on a leash to ensure safety, and for the consideration of others.

4. Follow the rules

Depending on where you do your running, there may be certain rules to consider when bringing your dog along. Some places may have restrictions on when you can run, how many dogs you can bring along, and if dogs are allowed at all. While these rules can sometimes seem like they get in the way, at the end of the day they are in place for everyone’s protection, and should always be followed.

5. Know the terrain

While you have the protection of a nice pair of sneakers, your dog is much more sensitive to your running terrain. You may not think about factors like road temperature or debris, but these things can spell trouble for Fido. If the outdoor temperature is 77 degrees, the asphalt is hovering around 125 degrees, which can destroy paw pads in less than a minute. And if you notice your dog start to limp, stop immediately to check their paws for any issues.

6. Keep them healthy, hydrated, and cool

Though it may seem like your dog never gets tired of playtime, a run is as taxing on them as it is on you. Be sure to keep your dog hydrated with cool water, and don’t let them lap up a drink from any convenient puddles or drains that could contain harmful additives. If you’re on a particularly long run, bring along a few treats to keep them energized.

7. Keep it clean

We all know it’s no fun, but it’s important to clean up after your dog when out for a jog. In fact, in many places police are fining pet owners who don’t clean up after their pet. Take a baggie or two along with you and be a clean and courteous dog jogger.

Want to Make Sure Your Dog is Ready to Run?

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