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About Us

Mebane Pet Clinic is the leading provider of veterinary services in and around Mebane, NC, offering full-service medical, surgical, and dental care for small animals. As the trusted animal hospital in the area, we boast a state-of-the-art facility for routine, emergency, and specialty pet procedures. Whether you need to have your pet spayed or neutered or need a pet diagnostic procedure, we have the expertise, staff, and equipment necessary for the best possible outcome.

From needing a diagnosis, medical treatment, or professional grade post-operative care for your pet, you can trust in our renowned veterinary services in Mebane, and visit us at Mebane Pet Clinic for the most advanced healthcare available.

Our Mebane veterinary services

Mebane Pet Clinic offers a truly expansive range of diagnostic procedures thanks to our in-house testing and external laboratory use. We work on a case-by-case basis with other local practices should special pet diagnostic procedures be required. 

The Mebane Pet Clinic features an in-hospital suite and ultrasound, and a radiology, dentistry, and animal dentistry and radiology—all in a closely supervised hospitalization area. In addition, we also provide acupuncture, cold therapy laser treatments, and a fully stocked on-site pharmacy with access to a broad selection of prescription diets. Our focus at Mebane Pet Clinic is to provide evidence-based advice and award-winning veterinary care at our animal hospital in Mebane, NC. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy your furry companion for many years to come. We do more than help treat your pet when they’re unwell. Our aim is to help you learn how to keep them happy and healthy every day of the week. 

Should you be on the lookout for a veterinary practice offering the most comprehensive and comfortable pet care, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff at Mebane Pet Clinic a call today. We look forward to working with you and your little one! 

Helping Animals in Need

One of our priorities at Mebane Pet Clinic is to assist animals in need. We do this through our partnership with two local rescue organizations, Amber’s Animal Advocacy and Sparkle Cat Rescue, and through our own Mug Fund. 

Mug Fund

Everyone who has donated to the Mug Fund or purchased a Mug Fund Coffee Mug or Candle has helped finance a procedure for a pet in need. The funds go to help patients like Sophie who came in with a ruptured eye from chronic herpesvirus. She was in extreme pain and needed the eye removed immediately but although her owners love her very much and do all they can for her, surgery was just not possible for them financially at that time. The Mug Fund provided the financial assistance they needed and made her surgery possible. She was in for her suture removal recently and her owners report she is so happy and comfortable now! Thank you again for donating to the Mug Fund.

Amber’s Animal Advocacy

Amber’s Animal Advocacy is a 501 (c)(3) organization created to be a voice for those without one. The purpose is to network dogs and cats from shelters, to help them find homes and rescues. Amber’s Animal Advocacy helps with shelter animals who have medical needs that the shelter cannot assist with. Sweet Connor was one of those cases. He was brought in to the shelter after being hit by a car and was severely injured. He was brought to us so we could diagnose his injuries and help the shelter form a treatment plan. Today he is in an adopted home and loving his life as a happy tripod boy!