Denise, Inventory Manager / Administrative Assistant

Denise was born and raised in Palm Springs, CA. She spent 9.5 years working for GTE in California with 3 years spent in a supervisory/management role. In 1981, she moved to Florida after marrying her husband. There, Denise worked for IBM for 9.5 years before moving to North Carolina in 1987. In July 1994, she began working for Dr. Rodeffer at Piedmont Veterinary Clinic, and later at Mebane Pet Clinic. Denise enjoys her work at the practice, including administrative work as well as veterinary assistance. She likes to do dental cleanings, surgery assistance, and laser therapy. For fun and relaxation she enjoys camping in her Fifth Wheel RV—her pets always go with her. Currently, she has 1 cat (Jade) and 1 dog (Bliss).